Wood teaser rod with rope, catnip ball and fluffy feathers

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Captain Catnip recommends Wood teaser rod to naturally exercise your cat's chase instincts...

Spend quality time with your furry friends while helping them stay active and healthy all the while bringing out their playful inner kitty. =^..^= 

This wooden rod is ideal for cat's who love to chase prey. Your cat will stalk and leap for joy as you wave the rods soft snake-like rope, catnip filled ball and fluffy feathers. 

lnstructions : 

  • Unpack the durable wooden rod and hold it in your most flexible hand.
  • Wiggle rod to introduce the rope, ball and feathers to your cat.
  • Remember you are in full control of the movements so have fun ;-)
This is why the captain recommends the teaser toys as a BONDING & HEALTHY ACTIVITY for both parent and kitty.

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