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Scratch Post wrapped in Sisal Rope with Pom-Pom toy

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Captain Catnip'sCat Scratch posts with Premium upholstery & pom-pomyour furry friends private gymnasium... 

Think of it as a stress-free area (for both you and the cats). Your cats natural territorial and scratching instincts will have a destination far, far, away from your household furniture. They can sharpen their claws and mind while naturally stretching their bodies vertically.  

  • The post is handcrafted in the USA with real wood (not compressed wood) and the frame is held with staples for added longevity.
  • The sturdy base is heavy enough for stability (no wobbling or tipping) and can be upholstered with premium carpet or sisal rope and accented with various embedded designs..
  • The scratching post is wrapped in naturally durable sisal rope that keeps your cats scratching away from your household furniture and is tall enough to even promote healthy vertical stretch.
Now, If the only stretching your cat does these days is horizontal ;-) then your furry friend might need a bit more encouragement to exercise and so have included a POM-POM toy deliciously hanging from atop. 

    Hard to resist as this combination might seem. There are some cats that need a gentle kick-start, which is why we will include our world class, 100% organic, #1 ranked brand of loose catnip with every cat-furniture order. 

    Cleaning Instructions: Vacuum or spot clean with water.


    • Model: Scratch Post wrapped in Sisal Rope with pom-pom toy.
    • Materials:  Real wood frame, nails and screws, staples, heavy base, premium carpet, scratching post,  natural sisal rope, pom-pom rope and ball.
    • Type: Cat Scratch posts
    • Colors:
      • White/Grey with pink accent design.
      • White/Grey with multi-color accent design.
      • White/Grey with leopard print design.
    • Dimensions: 20 inches tall x 16 inches in diameter base x 12" post diameter.
    • Shipping: 20x14x14 box.
    • Weight: 8lbs

    NO Assembly Required 

    Captain Catnip's Private Label Seal of ApprovalCaptain Catnip's Made in America Seal of ApprovalCaptain Catnip's Private Label Seal of Approval
    Country of Origin: USA 

    This is why we Ranked # 1 in 2016 in our marketplace stores and look forward to meeting and exceeding those goals in our direct website.

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