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Catnip Spray Organic Liquid Extract : 4 ounce bottle

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Captain Catnip has approved Catnip Spray to be a SAFE and irresistibly STRONG magnet for any of your cat's furniture or toys...

Cats and kittens burst with energy for their cat furniture and cat toys ( new or old ) after you spray these with our potent mist. The aromatic effects of the Catnip plant's fragrance works equally well on beds, scratching posts and toys as it does to simply tease your furry friends. 

The Catnip plant ( Nepeta Cataria aka Cat mint or Cats worth ) is grown in North America. The Catnip oil extract and magical misty spray solution are blended with water and manufactured in the USA .

Instructions :

  • Test the Catnip Spray bottle once by press the nozzle 1X gently
  • Pump the trigger mechanism over desired furniture or toy lightly so your cat can sniff it
  • Keep in mind that your cat's reaction only lasts about 10 minutes and will not work again until a few hours later.
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