Cat Toys Catnip Filled Cigar Fresh Organic Potent Nepeta Cataria

  • $ 7.49

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Captain Catnip's Catnip Cigars are manufactured meticulously with today's spoiled cats in mind... 

Sophisticated cats everywhere love the scent and feel of this stylish catnip stuffed cat toy cigar.  They can not resist the potent aroma of the organically grown catnip that is grown in the USA catnip.

  • A better cigar for your cat is not to be found
  • Delicious Dark Brown color
  • Captain Catnip seal of approval =^..^=

lnstructions : 

  • Unpack the cigars away from their curious eyes if you can.
  • Crack open a nice cognac and enjoy the evening festivities.  

This is why we Ranked # 1 in 2016 in our marketplace stores and look forward to meeting and exceeding those goals in our direct website.


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