Cat Furniture Condo Bed Margarita Design

Cat Furniture Condo Bed Margarita Design
Cat Furniture Condo Bed Margarita Design
Cat Furniture Condo Bed Margarita Design
Cat Furniture Condo Bed Margarita Design
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Cat Furniture Condo Bed Margarita Design



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Captain Catnip's Margarita styled high-rise condo bedyour cats new stylish pad... 

Our contemporary cat bed design adds a stylish cat furniture center-piece to your existing home décor. Aside from providing a plush area for your furry friend to relax, the premium carpet upholstery surrounds them with padded circular walls creating a sleeping environment that is safety proof and perched high enough to keep them aware of any approaching threats. Why do you think cats have 9 lives?

  • The cat-bed-perch is hand made in the USA by our master craft-man who has more than 30 years experience in the industry and uses real wood (not compressed wood) for the base which is held with staples for added longevity.
  • The sturdy base is heavy enough for stability (no wobbling or tipping) and upholstered with premium carpet to impress any cat, kitty or friend.
  • The supporting pillar is tall enough to keep your cat climbing, scratching and stretching daily.  
  • This artistic rendition of a scratching post will safely keep your cats away from your other household furniture.

If the only stretching your cat does these days is horizontal ;-) then your furry friend will have to exercise at least once a day before going to bed. 

Now, if your senior cat is losing their flexibility and needs a gentle kick-start…No worries, we will include our world class, 100% organic, #1 ranked brand of loose catnip with every cat-furniture order to attract and encourage them to take that leap of faith and climb aboard.

Cleaning Instructions: Vacuum or spot clean with water

Captain Catnip recommended and approved for indoor and metropolitan cats looking to lounge in stylish comfort while getting back to health.


  • Model: Margarita styled high rise condo cat-bed
  • Materials:  Real wood frame, staples, heavy base, premium carpet, sisal rope, tall support pillar/scratch post, padded circular perch bed.
  • Type: Cat Bed
  • Colors:
    • Tan/Green with garnish
  • Dimensions: 24 inches tall, 16“ bed diameter, 16” base diameter, 6" post diameter 
  • Shipping: 36x20x20 box
  • Weight: 40 lbs

NO Assembly Required 

Captain Catnip's Private Label Seal of ApprovalCaptain Catnip's Made in America Seal of ApprovalCaptain Catnip's Private Label Seal of Approval
Country of Origin: USA  

This is why we Ranked # 1 in 2016 in our marketplace stores and look forward to meeting and exceeding those goals in our direct website.