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About Us - Who is Captain Catnip?

Captain Catnip was born in NYC and raised as a kitten to be an energetic and highly active  house cat by his Gotham parents who where both sophisticated and successful.

Mom was relentless in her pampering with monthly trips to the grooming salon but more importantly filled our young super hero's hide-outs with healthy and interactive experiences that reinforced a positive quality of life. However, it was dad that reminded the captain frequently that such over-indulgence in love and attention was not enjoyed by all cats. Such a life force was not to be hoarded for a few but rather shared with the masses...      


Thus, an altruistic vision began to take shape...

A globalmission: to SERVE all cat owners, their young children and aging parents around the world.

A loftygoal: to EMPOWER all 3 generations of cat lovers ( Baby Boomers, Gen-X and Millennials) with safe and effective products that improve their metropolitan cat's “Quality of Life”.

An Americandream:to INFUSE Hand-crafted american cat furniture, cat toys and cat-care products with this force “Joy of Life” ( joi de vive”, “a belle vita”, “la'Achaim” )


For years, the Captain has successfully serviced the needs of our loyal catnip customers world-wide.

About Us - Who Is Captain Catnip




About Us - Who Is Captain Catnip



 About Us - Who Is Captain Catnip



Our online marketplace portals have been voted BEST CATNIP while ranking in the #1 position for "fresh, safe and organic loose catnip".

 However, we have decided to take our mission to the next level and LAUNCHour very own online store.

About Us - Who Is Captain Catnip


Our NEW ONLINE SHOP will give us the flexibility to expand our BRAND into Cat Furniture and Cat Toys INFUSED with catnip, catnip extract and catnip oil.

Our internal research has shown that this evolving market includes pet lovers who have often asked our customer service, "How can catnip infused products help my bored, lazy, fat or aging cat improve their Quality of life?"

Now, we are ready to provide not only Safety Tips and Advise but also actual product solutions.

Of-course we will continue to address the most common FAQ questions from our market place properties : What is catnip? Which form of catnip is best? Is catnip SAFE for cats or kittens? and Why does catnip affect cats?

Feel free to browse our product collections from the home page or using the various navigation links provided below....