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Compressed Catnip Lollipop Teeth Cleaning Chew Toy 2 Pack

Keep Your Cat Teeth And Gums Healthy!

This Catnip Stick is a fun and rewarding natural dental toy for cats. Infused with Catnip. While your cat chews each stick, they also improve their dental health by naturally exfoliating plaque from their teeth.

  • Silvervine sticks cat chew toys to help keep teeth and gums healthy, stimulate the senses of the cat and help the cat promote exercise and gastrointestinal motility, lower risks of diabetes
  • We recommend that you let the cat play for about matatabi cat stick chew toys for cats 30 minutes a day,no more than 3 times a week, for better effect,rub the stick a little before feeding your cat to release some of the natural oils.
  • Safe and Healthy: 100% natural organic catnip stick without additives or conservatives, all for cats'dental hygiene and oral care, to help cat release harmful plaque and tartar,ending halitosis. It also helps to relieve your cat’s stress and stabilize blood pressure, make your cat feel calm and relaxed.
  • For most types of cats, kittens and adult cats(above 3 months age), from Maine coon to Bengal, to British shorthair, to Siamese,silver vine cat twig is the new catnip for kitties,your cats will love it.
  • Nice Package:Silvervine stick catnip resealable ecological packaging ensures that you stay cool for every use. 

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★★★ 100% Satisfaction ★★★

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