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Are you and your Grumpy cat in need of Fun and Healthy activities to bond ? 

Loose Catnip

Cats can be less than happy to be left alone all day while us humans are at work. When we finally have some time to spend with them it can be FUN and RELAXING for both you and your fellow kitty to indulge in a loving and bonding activity infused with our loose catnip.

Catnip Bubbles

These gently floating bubbles captivate your cats imagination and curiosity and are so much fun to chase and pop in mid-air. The aromatic effects of the Catnip plant's fragrance and flavor are captured in the oil extract and infused into the chemistry of the bubble solution as a non-toxic component for added excitement and effectiveness.

Catnip Spray

Cats and kittens burst with energy for their cat furniture and cat toys ( new or old ) after you spray these with our potent mist. The aromatic effects of the Catnip plant's fragrance works equally well on beds, scratching posts and toys as it does to simply tease your furry friends.

The Captain's Super Strength allows for the creation of derivative products from the CRUSHING of selected catnip buds, ,catnip stems and catnip branches. The end result is a mixture of catnip extract and catnip oil that can be infused into cat furniture and cat toys or simply applied as needed in liquid or spray mixtures. 

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