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Captain Catnip Best Cat Banana Toy 100% Filled Organic Catnip


Our Cat Toy collection includes  Catnip filled Bananas for kittens and cats to play healthy...

Spend quality time with your new furry friends while helping them bond with you and your home. 

Your cat(s) won't be able to resist the magnetic effects of these toys and the potent aroma of catnip.

  • A crazier banana for your cat is not to be found
  • NO FILLERS - JUST TRILLERS =^..^= in this banana shaped toy
  • Captain Catnip seal of approval for "Worlds Strongest Catnip" 
  • 100% Organic Catnip is used to fill this cat toy snake
  • Filled with North American grown catnip
  • Encourages playful behavior

Instructions  : 

  • Unpack this crazy, tasty banana
  • watch your cats go bunkers, crazy, wild just plain bananas =^..^= 

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