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Mouse balls cat toy infused with farm fresh catnip

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Captain Catnip recommends this Mouse balls cat toy infused with farm fresh catnip to literally drive your cats wild...

Spend quality time with your furry friends while they chase, pick-up, carry, toss and easily drag these catnip infused mouse balls.

The mouse balls are : 

  • Same great flavor but less calories than real mice 
  • Farm fresh catnip safely added for healthy stimulation 
  • Finally a tennis ball that's purr-fect for cats!
  • Cleaner and nicer to look at than real mice 

lnstructions : 

  • Unpack the mouse balls from the packaging away from their curious eyes.
  • roll, throw or dangle the mouse ball to get their attention
  • Sit back and enjoy the show  =^..^=

This is why we Ranked # 1 in 2016 in our marketplace stores and look forward to meeting and exceeding those goals in our direct website.

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