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Organic Catnip Farm Fresh Potent Cats Love it

Captain Catnip's  Loose Catnip can change your cat 's life safely...

Our brand is harvested from the top blend of Catnip plant ( aka Nepeta Cataria ) during their prime to ensure the potent aromatic effects of the fragrance and flavor are captured into the drying and crushing process of every leaf, stem, flower and bud.

Our loose Catnip is safe and 100% organic ( no pesticides, preservatives or additional chemicals ) yet very potent and effective in awakening the natural instincts of most bored, lazy, fat and senior cats.

Instructions :

  • Open the Catnip Bottle and pinch a bit between your fingers. 
  • Sprinkle some on your cat's tired and bored furniture and toys to re-awaken their interest in those.
  • Strategically place in any new era or activity that you wish to introduce to your cats. 
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