Catnip Bubbles infused with Catnip oil : 5 ounce bottle

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Captain Catnip has approved Catnip Bubbles to be a SAFE and FUN activity for any cat ...

These gently floating bubbles captivate your cats imagination and curiosity and are so much fun to chase and pop in mid-air. The aromatic effects of the Catnip plant's fragrance and flavor are captured in the oil extract and infused into the chemistry of the bubble solution as a non-toxic component for added excitement and effectiveness.

The Catnip plant ( Nepeta Cataria aka Cat mint or Cats worth ) grown in North America. The Catnip oil extract and bubbles are manufactured in the USA.

Instructions :

  • Open the Catnip Bubbles bottle and dip the bubble maker gently into the solution
  • Gently blow into the bubble maker ring to create the bubbles
  • Prepare to be entertained by your cats excitement 
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