Play Time Begins Now..

Play time Begins… Now!

20160421_102026-1Things just got fun around my house and I’m going to share it with you… It’s a Kitten scratching post by Captain Catnip Pet Cat Furniture called Pom Pom Pendulum and boy is it fun…. Purr… It is sturdy and beautifully made it won’t tip over even when I stand up against it. Purr..

20160421_104757The detail and the craftsmanship in Captain Catnips work is amazing and he know what us cats like…He can make them in any color and makes different sized cat scratchers besides this Kitten scratching post. It has a ball on the end of a rope to knock around with my paws and the base is soft enough to lay my head on to lounge around too…

20160421_102026I love to put things on the top and knock them down or just put a treat or tw on the top to try to eat them without knocking them down. Purr… This scratcher is a lot of fun besides you can scratch on it too…

If you like this Kitten scratching post you should head over to his sites to see what else he has in store because he is always has something new up his sleeves.. Just follow the links below and if you like my post leave me a message I would love to hear from you all….

Love Angel’s Eyes-Persian

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