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Captain Catnip To The Rescue

March 03, 2015

Can’t Sleep? Captain Catnip to the Rescue!

Shss… Thank you for stopping by, Boy do I have the best kept secret in town… I have a great Product to tell you about so spread the word to your friends it’s a new cat bed by Captain Catnip called the Catfeine Cup and Captain Catnip should know what’s best for us because he is Captain Catnip!

As you can see it looks like a coffee cup and even as a handle on it that makes it extra special. Purr….

This Catfeine Cup is made very well with carpet and padding to make it extra comfy….

Captain Catnip can make it in whatever color you want even personalize it especially for you. Trust me if Captain Catnip says he can make it he can definitely make whatever you like. Purr… He also makes:
cat beds
nepeta cateria
cat lasers
teaser wands
catnip bubbles
cat toys
cat stuff
cat accessories
cat store
cat food mat
cat litter mat
cat scratch post

This Best kept sleep secret that needs to get out because all kitties needs to be as happy as I am and by the way my Catfeine Cup even arrived with Catnip and that’s what I call a Good Night Sleep!! Purr… Purr….

Shhss….. Angel is now asleep (in a Whispering Voice) But if you would like to get your kitty a Catfeine Cup here’s the link below…

Captain Catnip To The Rescue






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