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Is catnip safe for cats? | Safety Tip

Captain Catnip Safety tip  : Is catnip safe for cats?

our Captain Catnip is here to rescue the un-amused metropolitan kitties across the country and give them a little excitement during their mundane days. Consider sprinkling a little bit for your cat the next time you head out the door for a full day of work.

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Captain Catnip Knows Nepeta Cataria

Catnip: A Special Treat For A Special Friend  Cat owners have long known the emotional benefits of having a feline friend in their home. In fact, studies have shown that owning a cat can relieve stress, as well as reduce the risk of physical health ailments such as high blood pressure and heart attack.  Many cat owners will show their appreciation by offering treats to their four­ legged friend. Unfortunately, too many edible treats can have ill desired effects on a cat’s health. Unlike many calorie dense treats on the market today, catnip will not contribute to obesity and the many health...

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Play Time Begins Now..

Play time Begins… Now! PUBLISHED ON May 19, 2016 by Angel's Eyes - Persian Things just got fun around my house and I’m going to share it with you… It’s a Kitten scratching post by Captain Catnip Pet Cat Furniture called Pom Pom Pendulum and boy is it fun…. Purr… It is sturdy and beautifully made it won’t tip over even when I stand up against it. Purr.. The detail and the craftsmanship in Captain Catnips work is amazing and he know what us cats like…He can make them in any color and makes different sized cat scratchers besides this Kitten scratching...

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Captain Catnip To The Rescue

Can’t Sleep? Captain Catnip to the Rescue! PUBLISHED ON January 28, 2016 by Angel's Eyes - Persian Shss… Thank you for stopping by, Boy do I have the best kept secret in town… I have a great Product to tell you about so spread the word to your friends it’s a new cat bed by Captain Catnip called the Catfeine Cup and Captain Catnip should know what’s best for us because he is Captain Catnip! As you can see it looks like a coffee cup and even as a handle on it that makes it extra special. Purr…. This Catfeine Cup is...

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