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Kitten Who Was Alone Wandering Outside, Now Purrs Blissfully Indoors and Melts Every Heart He Comes Across

June 29, 2022 3 min read


A kitten who was alone wandering outside, now purrs blissfully indoors and melts every heart he comes across.

orange tabby kitten Deli the kittenJessie

A pint-sized orange kitten found his way into a foster home when he was just a bottle baby. "He came to me as a misplaced kitten of not quite two weeks old from the NZ SPCA. It is my understanding he was found wandering alone in a backyard," Jessie, a volunteer of the SPCA, shared with Love Meow.

The tabby boy, named Deli Department, was packed with sass and moxie. Despite being just pocket-sized, he was fearless and embodied the spirit of a lion.

"He was very confident and assertive even as a little baby. He ate like a pro, purred like a train, fought me every step of the way and did enjoy a cuddle on his terms."

orange tabby kitten He was found wandering alone in a backyardJessie

Feeding time was never fast enough as Deli insisted on having his bottle then and there. He quickly grew by leaps and bounds, outdoing himself in every aspect of kittenhood.

He was a champion eater and an excellent napper. Jessie set up a spacious kitten pen for baby Deli, but he very much preferred hanging out with his humans on their lap or shoulders. At a young age, he promptly mastered the art of staring.

lap kitten stare Jessie

When Deli was ready to learn to eat on his own, he rose to the occasion. "He's chowing down on a food/milk slurry like his life depended on it."

Jessie had bottles ready during the day in case Deli needed some supplemental feedings, but the tabby boy proved to be a high-achiever in everything he did. He nailed the transitioning to solid food with flying colors.

sweet tabby kitten flower Jessie

"Frankly, I think this cat was comfortable as the boss anywhere he went. He never seemed to worry about a thing. He still doesn't," Jessie told Love Meow.

By the time he found his feet, Deli unleashed his unbridled energy to run and explore, and his larger-than-life personality emerged. "He is very spirited. He is fast and can jump crazy high. He loves having kids to play with."

kitten tabby tongue Jessie

When he was big enough to have a meet-and-greet with the resident cat, Widdle, he was amazed by the existence of another orange tabby, and even tolerated an unwarranted bum freshness check and some wrestling.

He has discovered that a pile of clean laundry makes the ideal bed, and that he has a knack for supervising his people with his signature hard stare.

sleepy kitten laundry He is so content when he naps on a pile of clean laundryJessie

The little marmalade plays his heart out and spares no effort in his daily mischief-making. He enjoys being on the kitchen floor glaring at his people and flapping his tail around like a petulant teen.

Deli runs his purr motor all day long knowing he is loved.

kitten staring He's the master of staringJessie

Even when he was a bottle baby, Deli unrelentingly wanted to live and thrive in a place of his own.

Now that he has grown to be a healthy, happy, rambunctious young cat, he is excited about his future forever home.

kitten cute stare, cat staring Jessie

"He really is such a sweet and funny little orange, and I have thoroughly enjoyed having him," Jessie said.

cute orange tabby Jessie

Deli has blossomed into a dapper little man with a big personality that melts hearts.

handsome tabby orange cat Deli the dapper orange tabbyJessie

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