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Cat Comes Up to Family of Her Choosing and Asks Them to Help Kittens Born in Their Yard

April 15, 2022 3 min read


A cat came up to a family of her choosing and asked them to help her kittens born in their yard.

cat hugs kittens Queen Bee the cat mom and her kittensJen @jenfosterskittens

A stray cat was spotted hanging around a neighborhood (in Southern California) for some time. She stopped in a family's yard for food and kept coming back. The homeowners continued to provide meals and did what they could to help her.

One weekend last month, the cat came up to the homeowners, showing signs of having just given birth. "She went up to the people looking for help right after she had her babies," Jen Marder, a foster volunteer of Wrenn Rescues, shared with Love Meow.

When they located her newborn kittens in their yard, they discovered that two of them were in rough shape. "The wonderful people got the mom and the babies cleaned up, and went and got a heating pad to help out the babies."

cat newborn kittens The cat had her kittens in someone's yard and asked the people for helpJen @jenfosterskittens

Jen saw the plea for help for the feline family on social media and didn't hesitate to take them in. "I got them the next day, when the babies were one day old," Jen told Love Meow.

"When they first arrived, the kittens were just tiny little peanuts. Mama was immediately friendly, sweet and purring. She is just an adorable doll."

nursing cat kittens She was so happy to be taken inside along with her babiesJen @jenfosterskittens

The tabby cat named Queen Bee was estimated to be one year old—just a young mother herself. She was so pleased to be inside a home at last, and purred up a storm as she situated herself and her babies in their comfy new bed.

Queen Bee was very attentive to her little "beehive" from the start, making sure their bellies were full and coats were kept immaculate.

sweet cat mom kittens Cuddles and more cuddlesJen @jenfosterskittens

Despite their very best efforts, the runt of the litter sadly didn't make it, but she was surrounded by love and warmth in her short life.

As the kittens have opened their eyes, they are getting more active and curious, eagerly wanting to explore their surroundings. Queen Bee is watching over them every step of the way.

cuddly kittens cat She is a doting cat mom and very attentive to her kittensJen @jenfosterskittens

She responds to their high-pitched squeaks and squeals, and showers them with an abundance of love.

Watch Queen Bee and her kittens in this video:

Cat mom and kittens

"Mama is doing such a great job with her babies. She is going through food awfully fast as she fills herself up so she can feed these littles," Jen shared.

sleepy kitten, cuddly cat mom She likes to wrap her arms around her babiesJen @jenfosterskittens

"She has started coming out of the nest to greet me as the babies are getting a little bigger. She loves to twirl herself around my legs and rub against me. She is such a good girl who is going to make someone so very happy when she is adopted."

The kittens (Bumble Bee, Worker Bee, and Busy Bee) just turned three weeks old, and reached their one-pound milestone ahead of time.

sleepy kittens Jen @jenfosterskittens

They are growing by leaps and bounds and thriving as indoor cats. Soon, they will begin to venture outside their nest and learn to use their feet.

The former stray cat purrs nonstop, knowing that her kittens are safe. She blissfully kneads on the soft bedding as her little "bees" doze off to sleep while nursing.

cat mom kittens The kittens are growing by leaps and boundsJen @jenfosterskittens

"Queen Bee is such a good mama. She is so attentive, never straying too far from the little ones. She is constantly cuddling them with her arms wrapped around the babies. It melts me every time," Jen told Love Meow.

cuddly kitten, loving cat mom Jen @jenfosterskittens

After roaming the streets for most of her life, Queen Bee can finally breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy her life as a house cat that she always wanted to be.

sweet cat mom Happy Queen BeeJen @jenfosterskittens

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